At Lotus Children Education Trust (LCET), we believe that the majority of human problems are rooted in illiteracy, ignorance and an inability to understand the interrelatedness of our life and the environment. Our survival, particularly in the context of the growing population may depend on two key interrelated concepts.  The first concept is to appreciate how the demands of our desires is out of proportion with the existing resources. The second concept is to understand how the environment is affected by our demands on the available resources. Both these concepts are crucial for our survival and for us to know how to survive in this conflict ridden world. At LCET, our mission is to work together in training our future generations before the struggle for survival gets out of control. The children of today need guidance in moral and value based decision making. We need to nurture and train the young minds in appreciating and protecting the environment and in developing the good that resides in our hearts. The resources of the world will be protected or their sustainability will only be secured when the majority of human beings are educated, wise, intuitive, compassionate, intergrated, morally advanced and reflective on their daily requisites with the number of their families' demands and considerate for the needs of other beings and the existence of the future world. Without this, we endanger the existence of this world. Implementing education and awareness in young minds is one way to recondition the future of our planet. The best day is today and the best time to begin is now.

                                 REASON FOR OUR MISSION

We live in a global and interconnected world. This globalization has brought with itself many challenges especially for the underdeveloped countries. Compared to industrialized nations, underdeveloped countries have a high Illiteracy rate, lack of well-implemented social support policy and limited resources for appropriate and accessible education. This can add to the struggle for survival, which can have a ripple effect and result in wide scale direct or indirect negative consequences. Children are often the worst affected in this scenario. Our mission is to give destitute children a better start in life by means of disciplined and effective training suitable to the level of each child’s age and ability - training which is tailored to suit situations where demand exceeds the supply of resources.

 There are undocumented numbers of children whose parents are separated, unfortunate, destitute or poor. Many more children are neglected by their parents due to lack of education. These parents missed out on education due to lack of resources and as a result are unable to provide good schooling and education to their children. This vicious cycle is a common social setting in many undeveloped countries including Bangladesh. If these children are guided by adequate education, trained in ethical rules, knowledge and skills, they could be better able to deal with their life. Educated families are proved to have been small in their number but healthy and sustainable family. They could also bring peace to the society.