This is how our children have to have  their foods currently



This is our current ring-well. This water is not pure, so is not drinkable due to arsenic. It does not provide enough water during summer as well.

This is our current classroom, which is not durable and not workable during heavy monsoon rain


 At present the core activity of LCET is delivered from the ‘Lotus Children’s Home. We have recently built two residential dormitories: one for girls and the other for boys, donated by CHT development board and Firefly Mission respectively, in a remote area of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Please read our reports about these donations.  We provide free foods, accommodations, tuitions, educational equipment, sanitary etc. to 51 destitute and orphaned children plus 3 residential teachers and 2 cooks. Without the facility of the ‘Lotus Children’s Home’ these children will have no or very limited chance to attend school and access to a clean and safe living environment.  Along with school curriculum, these children also receive specially designed classes on ethics, morality and sustainability. Our project operates as exactly stated in aims and objectives. (See our aims and objectives and mission statement).

However, at present we can only accept limited numbers of students due to the lack of funds. We managed to provide full facilities for 30 children in 2016. We have just increased these numbers to 51 in January, 2017 and planning to increase these numbers to 70 in 2018 depending on your donations.

We are looking for donors for students’ requisites - i.e. food, educational supplies etc. You can sponsor a child with only $25.00 (USA) for a month. This cost includes foods, accommodation, sanitary and educational equipment.  You can join other to sponsor a child with as little as $3.00 or you can donate a half of a child expenses with $13.00 a month.  Currently, there are 3 teachers at the school, who are kindly serving on a salary of $50 dollars a month (only half of the target salary). 

Followings lists are our current activities and spending from our funds, see our recent funds here. If you are interested to help this noble cause, you are welcome to share your generosity for the costs below:

1)    Monthly expenses for a student’s foods, soaps, bills, school items etc. roughly cost $25.00 and for 48 students (2017 whole year) $25*48 = $1,200.00 US dollars. This is the minimum cost we can afford to provide for a child. Please visit the previous years' report. We are looking for sponsors to build a dining hall to avoid eating in an open space as shown in these photos below:


2)    One teacher’s salary for a month roughly costs $100.00 *3 teachers= $300.00 US dollars (for up to 50 students). We will increase one more teacher in 2018. Untill now, these teachers are kindly serving with a half of the originally intended salary.

3)    To build a one-story attached primary and junior school building roughly costs $50,000 -55,000.00 US dollars (as estimated by a local builder). We welcome your active participation in this noble project; please email us:  We will send you our engineer's map,

4)    To install a new tube-well for clean drinking water. It will cost about $4000.00 (US) to install it and plus a house to protect from the adverse weather, a water pump-machine and two big water tanks. We are looking for sponsors for this project.

5).    Training on environmental sustainability and basic health knowledge to the local people, which will be held on 13 and 14 April and 27 and 28 July.

6).    Mindfulness Training and Capacity Building Programes for residents and registered people (from local and different regions) on every first Friday of the month.

You are welcome to send your donation, in whatever amount, directly to Bangladesh or, if you are in the EU, you may donate to our UK account either by a monthly standing order of £3.00 p/m or more, or by a one-off donation. Every penny donated is meaningful for this project. Please see read our income and expenditure's report here. Donate here!